Virus & Spyware Protection

With our Virus and Spyware Protection, you don't have to worry about updating and verifying PC based virus software versions and patches. We continuously monitor and manage your systems for updates, and provide update notification and online reporting. Virus and Spyware Protection, based around Norton's technology, provides the best overall defense against viruses for your company and provides on-line detection and cleaning of viruses and spyware. Virus and Spyware Protection is entirely managed by Texas Computer Solutions on a continuous basis.


  • Replaces desktop antivirus and spyware software and related software administration
  • Automatic updates and scans each PC daily
  • Any Internet connected PC is protected
  • Monitored by experts - complete administration and compliance management is included
  • Fixed price model -- per user per month so you only buy what you need

  • Eliminates tactical support responsibilities that are critical for security
  • Affordable, all-inclusive solution
  • Minimizes the threats from virus and spyware attacks
  • Ensures compliance with anti-virus and anti-spyware software updates across your PC environment
  • Increased health and performance of your PC environment
  • Reduces costly downtime and remediation services
  • Reduced cost of infrastructure and support
  • Anytime, anywhere virus and spyware protection, anywhere

Virus and Spyware Protection provides you the easiest way to protect against deadly worms, viruses and spyware across your PC environment, 24x7. The result is increased computing uptime and reduced cost of management and administration. We help keep your network healthy and safe from viruses and spyware on a 24x7 continuous and managed basis.