Server Support

Server Support protects the stability of your servers through:

  • Reducing downtime from server failures
  • Proactive maintenance of server hardware and software
  • Fixed price support that saves you money
  • Available coverage - up to 24 x 7
  • A single solution for both hardware and software

Texas Computer Solutions provides three options to fit your business needs:

Server Standard
  • Service up to 24x7 to fit your needs and budget
  • Emergency response and recovery to get you back up and running
  • Response times of 1 hour call back, 4 hour onsite
  • Technical expertise to quickly correct problems
  • Complete hardware and software support
  • Fixed price contracts that help you budget for your IT support needs

Server Plus - includes benefits of Server Standard and:
  • Remote server hardware and operating system monitoring
  • Pre-failure problem identification and response
  • Remote resolution to resolve problems quickly
  • Online reports to identify trends and help you plan your IT

Server Premium - includes benefits of Server Plus and:
  • Scheduled software patching to make sure your systems are at their peak performance
  • Periodic system reviews to help plan ahead for server requirements based on past performance and changing business needs

Server Support provides your business with:
  • Rapid problem resolution
  • Improved service level
  • Reduced downtime
  • Continuous server performance monitoring
  • Increased management insight into critical server operations and capacity
  • Efficient pricing model with predictable cost for budgeting purposes
  • Reduced, predictable costs
  • Single support solution for both hardware and software
Server Support provides the best server support options for your business to prevent downtime of your critical systems and keep your business running.