PC Data Protection

With PC Data Protection, business critical data and files on PCs are securely backed up over your Internet connection and stored in an off-site data vault location. Should something happen to your place of business or if a PC is broken, lost or stolen, PC Data Protection can recover PC information quickly and get you back in business without the worries of data loss and associated downtime.


  • Backs up PC from any Internet connection
  • Off-site storage in secure data vault
  • Backup status monitored to ensure data is up-to-date and protected
  • Fixed price model -- per user per month

  • Eliminates support responsibilities that are critical for data security
  • Affordable, all-inclusive solution
  • Reduced cost of storage and backup infrastructure and associated support
  • Anytime, anywhere backup and restore - data availability
  • Reduce costs of downtime and data loss

PC Data Protection provides you the easiest way to protect critical data on your PCs, reduce downtime, and keep your business running. We help protect you from data loss on a 24x7, fully managed basis.